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Overseas search engine aggregation, targeting overseas rankings​

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6 large artificial intelligence robot precision deductive algorithm​

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Besides having the safest encryption system. CemePoker also provides servers with high specifications to serve hundreds of thousands of active members. So that online poker games on CemePoker will be faster. And without the interference that can make the players uncomfortable. We certainly understand that players who play using real money do not want to fight BOT because they will always lose Dominoqq Terpercaya so they will definitely move to continue playing Poker Online. This will certainly be detrimental to both parties so CemePoker provides a service where only the original players will compete against other original players without BOT that can harm the players.

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As we already know that playing cards consist of 4 types of symbols, namely a spade (spade), heart (heart), diamond (diamond), and curly (club). Each type of card starts from the numbers 1-10 then Jack, Queen and King. All of them numbered 13. So when totaled there are 52 cards plus the Joker to 53 pieces.

The number of cards and also images of Jack, Queen, and King have their own meaning. Then what is the meaning of the card and why is that?

King of spades / spade which means King David.

King of hearts which means Charlemagne.

King of diamonds which means Julius Caesar

Curly king, which means Iskandar Agung

Queen of spades which means Pallas

Queen of heart which means Judith

Queen of diamonds, which means Rachel

A curly queen, which means Argine

Jack shovel which means Holger Danske (Charlemagne's knight)

Jack of the Heart which means La Hire (supporter of Joan of Arc)

Jack of diamonds which means Hector

Curly Jack which means Lancelot

In fact many depict figures in France and England and even DAFTARSINI : Judi Online Bola, Casino Dan Togel Online the Holly Bible. So some people Poker Online Indonesia who present it as a symbol of Christianity are quoted from the history contained in the Holly Bible. For example King symbolizes the God (God), then the number 6 symbolizes the number six days of creation, the number 7 symbolizes the Sabbath.

What is interesting is the number of cards 52 means: 52 (5 + 2) = 7 days a week.

Then these 4 card types represent the seasons, namely Judi Online Agen SBOBET Mobile Indonesia TerpercayaSpades representing winter, then Heart representing autumn, Diamond (Diamond) representing spring, and curling (Club) representing summer.

In one type there are 13 cards and the meaning is the number of weeks in a season. Red is defined as day, then black means night.

Now you try to add up all the numbers of each type. For example: Shovel = 1 (As) + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 (Jack) + 12 (Queen) + 13 (King) the result is 91.

Then 91 x 4 according to four types of cards, the end result is: 364 added with Jocker to 365. And this is the number of days in a year.

The results are all 52. And this is the number Kumpulan Data Togel Hongkong Dan Togel Singapore Resmiof weeks in a year.

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